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1500 EUROS


25 weeks


About the Course

WELCOME PRO is a professional training for mental health professionals, those that see pregnant couples or are present at childbirth. A complete Primordial Health Advancement Program Package for the Wellbeing of the Unborn Child, using Fine Arts, Modern Science & Philosophy based on the findings in Prenatal Sciences and following a Salutogenic Methodology! The perfect work package to work with Pregnant Couples & the UNBORN child. An Evolution Tool, indispensable for all Childbirth Professionals.

The program guies participants as to how to support the maternal environment so that they can establish & improve healthy prenatal bonding that leads to secure attachment, reduce stress, protect the (un)born child from depression and carcinogenesis later on in life, reduce post-partum depression, empower the unborn and support peace and civilization!

Professionals can get all knowledge both theoretical & practical guidance they need to be able to run the program with those pregnant couples they see in their practice. They get all the material needed to effectively run the program and updates when they come out.

Your Instructor

Olga Gouni

Olga Gouni
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